Hello, I’m Bastian, a spatial designer from Berlin with the additive skillset and infrastructure of a wood worker and a strong interest in user-centered and co-creative approaches. Spatial Foresight is a private consultancy and independent think tank in the area of European territorial policies and research. To me, there is no question that design as a discipline can finally leave behind the age of aesthetic sensitivities. The Master program in Interior Design at Berlin International - University of Applied Sciences offers a range of advanced tools and skills in the field of interior and spatial design. My name is Kiki Baetsen and I am a Human Geography and Planning student at … ... and we have branch offices in Berlin (Germany) and Paris (France). Soviet planning and architecture following the communist revolution in 1917 had already begun to influence the activities and thoughts of its citizens. A conclusive statement will summarize culturepreneurship as an expression of entrepreneurship in creative industries (8). About Space is a collective of creatives focusing on spacial storytelling, embracing a holistic approach that transfers identities into three dimensions. Urban development plans Urban development plans (UDP) are instruments for the informal city structural planning. partner & director of Spatial Foresight. This was achieved by introducing communist political ideas into the very nature of building and city design, such as through the construction of 'living cells' and collective farms. Maria Scherlies is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. First of all, I want to welcome and thank you for participating in this research. Frame Publishers B.V. Domselaerstraat 27H Amsterdam 1093 JM +31 (0) 20 42 33 717 CoC 341 537 82 VAT NL 8096 16 981 B01 Berlin’s creative industries and design segment From an economic point of view, Berlin has recently demonstrated that only a Dr Kai Böhme. Her expertise lies in visual identities, web, spatial design and editorial design for projects with a positive impact on the environment and society. The use of design to control populations was not a new concept. regard to its spatial practices as well as its spatialized networks (7). 1.2. ... thorough process design and co-creation; creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Client: DIDRIKSONS x PACEMAKER Project: Urban Wilderness - Curated Space Place & Date: Berlin, January 2020 Our Services: Location Scouting, Spatial Design, Retail Design, Experiential Design & Executive Production Fotos: Marcus Zumbansen Spatial Design of Open Public Space in Berlin; the influence on physical activity behavior of university students. 120 credits, full-time studies, daytime Spatial Design offers individual in-depth studies and personal development within the field of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design. In Spatial Design you will challenge your discipline and expand the territories of interiors and furniture in order to respond to the many urgent questions society faces today. They are the "Basis for all future planning" and solidify the land use plan by defining spatial and temporal priorities and pointing out the necessary measures to be taken.