In order to use c:geo completely offline you will have to prepare some things depending on your needs: Store the caches you want to find for offline use (manually,via GPX import or from a PocketQuery). The 5 Best Hurricane Tracker Apps of 2020. Some of the apps are exclusively available on Android (unfortunately). Here my favorite Geocaching Apps for Android. Features in this app that aren’t yet available in the free geocaching app include: • Offline Lists – Download geocaches, maps and more for a completely offline geocaching experience. Offline topo maps, Multiuser-Mode and power saving functions are only a few examples. This android app is Geocaching-live enabled so that you can download caches and upload logs wherever you are in the world. * The newest version of the Geocaching app for Windows Phone has quite a few updates, including: – Updated for Windows Phone 8 – Support for Nokia Maps (and offline maps) – Create a Lock screen background and notifications – Wide Live Tiles – Various interface updates and bug fixes – Added support for Portuguese, Swedish and Norwegian - Bokmal Unfortunately, the former Geocaching Live API has been turned off, so no more online features available. ability to save caches to the phone and work with it offline. The app is great for using offline, as it lets you save maps and caches for offline viewing and log caches offline (everything will automatically sync once the connection is restored). The TomTom-powered app offers high-definition maps for most countries in the world, and it's regularly updated to keep it up-to-date with the newest version of Android. Basic c:geo Setup: Other Useful Settings: Ready to Geocache! The offline maps are great if you lose connectivity and the app is integrated with the official Geocaching API. Import Pocket Queries via GPX file. while caching abroad or outside mobile network coverage). Use multiple Geocaching platforms at once. But, be warned, as you would expect, detailed maps equals big impact on free space! It is integrated with Geocaching Live and the application focuses a lot on offline functionality. Plan. With Live mode you can search for a location, or find caches near your current location. With the official Geocaching app PLUS MotionX (Full version if you want to store more than 3 waypoints) I’ve found all of the caches I’ve gone for. maaloo Geocaching is a geocaching app for everyone, whether beginner or power cacher. Looking 4 Cache Pro. I have been using an Android app called GDAK for several years now for geocaching. Find your next great geocache from your phone. Groundspeak's official Geocaching app is a great starter app being easy to use and providing more functionality for basic members than most of apps. Locus Map - multipurpose mobile outdoor navigation app Lists and offline data : Any Destination: After Geocaching 101, review the Geocaching Acronyms and continue with... Geocaching 102: More fun with Geocaching! Cachly is my go-to app for geocaching. Enhanced geocache management, offline logging, GC tools, navigation and guidance to geocaches. If you found a Geocache, you can direct formulate and send the log or save a local draft and complete it later. However c:geo also provides offline functionality to use it without any network connection (e.g. GCC – GeoCache Calculator. Using GPS Technology With Your Personal Computer. Click for topics... Why use c:geo? This app makes spontaneous cache finds a breeze – provided you have a data connection. Sometimes I have some weird bug that says I don't have any offline maps installed, but restarting c:geo and OSMAnd fixes this bug. Multiple Platforms. Geocaching 101a: Using the c:geo Android Geocaching app by Carolyn K. director, Hoagies' Gifted Education Page. Offline maps is an essential feature of a geocaching app for me, as I travel across borders quite frequently and don’t want to be met with huge data roaming charges when I return from a geotrip. It is fully integrated with the official Geocaching API. I started geocaching almost 10 years ago - hubby and I loved all aspects of it enough to fork over the $10 for the full app (pricey back then). Find and log game pieces (called trackables) on the go. Go geocaching anytime, anywhere. The feature set is incredible. The map is quite accurate and detailed, and you can turn individual caches on and off at will. offline app for geocaching? Simple and Powerful Geocaching It lets you import your tracks and GPS location. It fits my needs almost to a T - allows me to store several offline databases with caches meeting different criteria, can function on device not connected to cellular network, etc. Offline. Review: Maps 3D Pro App for Offline Use. Cachly is a new, full-featured geocaching app for iOS that is always ready to cache when you are! The 9 Best … Offline maps are especially great to not lose your position when there is no internet around. The app can be also used to import your tracks and locate a GPS location in it. It features offline maps, paperless caching and support for trackables, as well as the ability to … View caches on … It offers an array of advanced features that are easy to navigate. Locus Map Free is an outdoor navigation app that is useful to plan or record geocaching hunt. The 9 Best Smartwatches of 2020. CacheBox is a paperless mobile geocaching software for Android with online and offline maps support and Live API capability. Once installed, simply enter your credentials and the app is ready. Locus Map is a must have for all geocaching enthusiasts. An open-source, full-featured, always ready-to-go Geocaching application. Cachebox. Although it doesn’t have as sleek of an interface as Geocaching does, its robust features more than make up … Now with OpenStreetMap vector maps! The Map Download Centre gives you the ability to download detailed offline maps from pretty much everywhere in the world. Google Play APK File F-Droid. Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by haxor5354, Jan 23, 2011. Play. This video covers: - how to setup c:geo - how to search for a cache - how to log a cache Have fun! Premium geocaching may offer you more options. Geocaching 103: Puzzle … With this app you can go offline caching. GCC is a complete tool that offers all sorts of help with puzzles and the like. Looking4Cache stores the Geocaches with the full details to be available for offline use later. Offline GeoCaching. Even if you are not within range of a cell tower or WiFi signal, you can still find caches and view maps with Cachly through its offline capabilities.. We need your help! Looking4Cache stores the Geocaches with the full details to be available for offline use later. The range of features outperforms the most other Geocaching Apps. This app has everything you need to find every kind of geocache and take your geocaching game to the next level. Live Map. A quick start tutorial on Geocaching with Android using the c:geo app. ! - Search for and log trackables. The official Geocaching app is the step up from the intro app, allowing you to geocache offline, download hundereds of caches with pocket queries and provides hours of entertainment. Everything else continues to be excellent. This seemed unfair, as half of the community were happily volunteering time and supplies to create the caches in the first place. It’s one of the most expensive Geocaching apps at $10 but worth every dollar if you enjoy Geocaching. Free Download for Android. Beside the description, the waypoints and the last logs also the images of the Geocache will be prefetched. I download offline maps to my phone and this helps me to be able to find caches in remote areas without cell phone coverage and even navigate to and from the cache site. Geocaching app may contain more interesting and amazing options in Premium Geocaching but not less interesting than in the Free Geocaching app. The paid app is the best for your phone to go outside and wander, geocaching, including offline options, a search and all types of the geocache. - Advanced Search tools including Offline Lists, search filters and sorting abilities. Where L4C cements itself as the number one Geocaching App, is it’s ability to download very detailed maps, and save them for offline use. The official Geocaching app was the first caching app for the iPhone, and it has improved over the years to become the tool for finding and reporting caches. Import entire countries and regions completely free. The 6 Best Translation Apps of 2020 . I recommend the combination of c:geo (which is way better than the official geocaching app) and OSMAnd (the free version is perfectly fine for most people). The 10 Best Summer Apps of 2020. An open-source, full-featured, always ready-to-go Geocaching application. Beside the description, the waypoints and the last logs also the images of the Geocache will be prefetched. You… Read more. Geocaching Buddy Another helpful feature of the phone is, that it doubles as flashlight and camera. It saves caches offline so you can access your information if your signal drops, and the interface is really smooth and easy to use. The 5 Best Geocaching Apps. c:geo can work both in ‘Live’ mode and with stored caches in an ‘offline’ mode. But, then, the app stopped working because groundspeak required more money from users. Simple and Powerful Geocaching for iOS. It was the offline mode that interested me. Create lists of geocaches and save them for offline use. So why would you want to upgrade? Search. Call for developers. This app is unique because it is available for not just the iPhone, but also the iPad, which can help if you want a larger screen than is found on an iPhone. Features include: - Access to every type of geocache, including Multi-Caches, Mystery Caches and more. Get the official app for geocaching. The app uses the power of the API so YOUR account data is “AUTOMAGICALLY” with you at all times. Geocaching App Adds Offline Maps, Trail Maps, Other Features February 15, 2017 By Liz E. 2 Comments The folks over at Groundspeak recently announced that the popular Geocaching app has been updated with some features that geocachers have been requesting for a long time now: offline maps. Best offline geocaching app for Android? Note! With the free Geocaching Intro app, you can log into your account and query for nearby caches, and navigate to them. Walk Away the Pounds With Android and iPhone Step Counters. It also allows saving caches and pocket queries for offline use or just to reduce data requirement and improve loading speeds. The 6 Best Mileage Tracker Apps for 2020. Cachly is THE iOS geocaching app. Offline. More importantly, the developer listens to users and does what he can to make the app even easier to use. Sygic is one of the most popular offline navigation apps on Android, and with good reason. However, I also carry my “Little Book o’ Caches” to keep a log/write down details/do calculations etc. I don't really want to switch. It just works. Riveled by apps such as Geocaching with Geosphere, Looking 4 Cache Pro and iGeoKnife, the official one has most appealing interface and scores highly on the easy to use factor. 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